Article Excerpt From Community Impact

Breakfast Burger

Never Give Up...

After less than six months of business, the coronavirus pandemic caused Market Street Cafe to furlough employees, suspend dine-in service and adapt to curbside pickup. During this, restaurant owner Forrest Edmonds said he relied on his daughter Elaine and wife MaryEllen to keep things going.

"Lucky for us, my daughter and I cook, and [MaryEllen's] good at the front of the house, so just the three of us did it over the pandemic," Forrest said. "It was an interesting time—we've learned how to open and close and reopen about three times during the pandemic." Now that the restaurant has made it through the statewide shutdowns, even celebrating its first anniversary in October, MaryEllen said she looks forward to giving the end-of-year season another go. "We experienced [festival season] in December, and everyone [was] like, 'You're going to be busier in March,' and then the pandemic hit," she said. "We broke a record, just in the wrong direction. But we don't give up easy."

Prior to opening Market Street Cafe in Tomball, Forrest established The Hobbit Hole restaurant in Houston in the early '70s. After selling the restaurant—now known as The Hobbit Cafe—to his brother, Forrest said he and his family decided to open a new restaurant in Tomball.